Yolo County Data Visualization

This project expands upon an academic-community partnership established with a UCD Public Impact Initiative (PIRI) award between UCD and Resilient Yolo, a stakeholder group in Yolo County, which formed to identify priorities for collaborative research projects to inform policies and programming that promote child and family health equity.

To date our team has: (1) mapped 151 family and child health-related variables across 24 data sources; (2) iteratively presented our processes and data to Resilient Yolo; and (3) begun focus groups to obtain feedback from Yolo parents who receive services/supports from our CBOs.

We received funding for a collaboration with Duke University called Data+; our Duke University students created a virtual resource hub to visualize the data we have been identifying and generating through our collaboration with Resilient Yolo. The next steps in this project are to replicate our data mapping processes in other counties (e.g. Durham County),  establish a 5-year academic-community research plan for UCD-Yolo, write and publish a process document so that Duke-Durham and others can replicate our approach, and develop and publish policy advocacy tools for constituents, CBOs, and other stakeholders to promote child/family health justice.

Investigators Involved: Dr. Leigh Ann SimmonsDr. Jen Phipps

Collaborators Involved: Duke University Data+Resilient Yolo