Smokeless tobacco (chew or dip) use remains prevalent in rural and medically underserved populations, leading to increased rates of tobacco-related cancers and chronic disease. Yet, underserved tobacco users who want to quit have access to few innovative interventions. This is a significant missed opportunity to address health disparities in this group. We have proposed a randomized clinical trial to evaluate how well a Scheduled Gradual Reduction (SGR) Intervention will work to assist participants in quitting using smokeless tobacco. The intervention is delivered via text messaging. We will determine if the intervention works by assessing participant’s rate of quitting smokeless tobacco after 6 months, in comparison to a control group who only receive text messages but no SGR intervention. Results of this study may ultimately help smokeless tobacco users quit. We also hope this study will allow for increased access to smokeless tobacco cessation interventions and eliminate cancer health disparities.

Investigators Involved: Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons

Collaborators Involved: Dr. Devon Noonan (Duke University School of Nursing)